What is SEO search engine optimization ?

What is SEO search engine optimization ?what is seo

Search engine optimisation is the process of increasing your websites rankings on search engine pages. SEO can help your site move up in the rankings and gain visibility among online consumers, who are steadily increasing. Search engine optimisation improved your engagement with Internet users and search engines.

Why does SEO search engine optimization matter ?

243 million people in the USA use the Internet and 92% use search engine frequently, 80% only look at organic search results and 78% research purchasing, finnaly 46% connect through smartphones.

How to do SEO search engine optimization ?

Title and description tags in your websites HTML personalise search results. Create unique title and description for each page of your site to act as hook for searchers. Unique content with relevant keywords. Clear site architecture, quick load times, trustworthy links from outside sources.

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