Top most effective SEO tips to begin 2017

seo tips 2017Site layout and architecture

Contents should be clear and upfront, avoid ads above the fold and create a content hierarchy. Keep clear navigation and keep nofollow to paid and affiliates links, keep URL SEO friendly and keep contact info visible. Include privacy policy and about page.

Keyword research

Choose keywords wisely and keep main keywords per page. Check title competition and Seal competitors keywords.

Title tags, meta descriptions and header tags

Front load your keyboard avoid truncation made it clickable and Brand at the end, don’t repeat keyboards and keep it under 60 characters. Write it concise avoid truncation and include main focus keyword as soon as possible and finally keep it and there 150 characters. Place unique H1 tag on each page and use focus keyword in H1 and use the other keywords in H2 and H3 and finally avoid header tags in layout.

The content

Use focus keywords in first paragraph. Long content correlates with higher rankings and forgot keyword density. Use keywords and internal and external links. Prioritise quality over frequency and sit up rich snippets structured data

User experience

Lower your bounce rate and use scrollmaps software. Use heat Maps tracking and minimise pop ups. Be careful with interstitial ads and make site mobile optimised. Set up friendly 404 pages use SSL.

Google search console, Google Analytics and site speed

Look higher impressions and SERP and add internal links to those pages to boost rankings, check and fix crawl errors desktop and smartphone, add sitemap. Use Google Analytics to analyse your website and optimise loading time.

Image optimisation and link buildings

Add relevant ALT text and use descriptive image filename finally compressed image size. Build links from High domain authority sites and follow competitors backlinks, diversified your link and anchor texts.

Social media

Be active on social media and set up rich pins in websites, encourage sharing of your content

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