Link building SEO strategy in 2017 for your website or blog

Link Building: Know when to Hold ’em, Know when to Fold ’em

link building


  • Take advantage of blogger outreach and social media to increase the value of links.
  • Distribute link filled content through blogs and articles directories.
  • Guest Wog on relevant sites.
  • Create a contest. Web contests can generate thousands of quality links.
  • Develop sites that are relevant to the site you want links to
  • Embed content rich infographics
  • Establish local links from a library, or the local chamber of commerce.
  • Download a content aggregator widget.
  • Balance out root and deep links 1-in-3 links should lead to deep pages.
  • Develop a separate email account for managing link campaigns.
  • Generate content that is easy to digest to create interest among a diverse group.
  • Create your own topical directory which will link to your site, and deeplink to relevant content.


  • Concentrate link building efforts with mass instantiated tactics.
  • Embed the same group of finks in multiple pieces of content.
  • Have large amounts of grammatical and spelling errors in content.
  • Use the same anchor text over and over.
  • Disregard free resources such as Yahoo!Answers, Google Groups, etc.
  • Link several times to the same page in one article.
  • Link to your homepage in excess of relevancy on content postings.
  • Submit 10,000 directory links the day your site goes live.
  • Build thousands of links to index.php and 0 to the rest of the site.
  • Create a separate email account to make an alias and spam the web.
  • Spend a day building links, then don’t follow up for 30 days.
  • Spam sites with content via comment boxes.

Top SEO Ranking Factors

  • Proper keyword use in Title Tags
  • Proper anchor Text of Inbound links
  • Popularity of linking site
  • Popularity of your site
  • Maturity of linking site
  • Popularity of link with the site’s internal link structure
  • Linking site’s content relevance to your site
  • Link popularity of site in niche
  • Proper use of keywords within body text

Top Open Link Building Sources

  • Niche Forums
  • Niche Directories
  • Media Lists
  • Answer Sites
  • Topical Networks
  • Bookmarking Sites
  • Topic Aggregators
  • Blogging Networks
  • Social Media
  • Wikipedia

Vital SEO Components for Link Building*

Page level link metrics – 21.45%

Domain level link authority features – 21.13%

Page level keyword usage – 14.93%

Domain level keyword usage – 10.73%

Page level social metrics – 7.22%

Domain level brand metrics – 6.74%

Page level keyword agnostic features – 6.74%

Page travel traffic / query data – 6.26%

Domain level keyword agnostic features – 4.92%

*Based on an SEOMoz 2011 Survey of search engine marketors.

Link Building Strategies To Fold On

Automated Reciprocal Linking: there has been less value put on link exchanges for search engines.

Buying Link from Link Farms and Automated Systems: too many links built at one time with the exact anchor text can be viewed as spam by search engines.

Submitting Your Site to Multiple Paid Directories: inferior directories send to traffic and sell off cookies cutter links.

In Your Signature File List Hundreds of Web Sites: this will be perceived as a spam aggregator for search engines.

Only Post Original Content When you Can Add Links to Your Site: original content should be posted regularly to keep legitimacy.

Posting Comments on Other Blogs With a Link to Your Site: most people won’t read this and it won’t be validated by search engines.

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