How to Success your Email Marketing in 2017 ?

Why EMAIL MARKETING is the SEO Key to Ecommerce Success in 2017 ?email marketing

1 Twitter and Facebook for Selling Online

While platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for free content distribution and engaging your community, they’re also noisy and your audience may not be on them when you post an update. Your emails, however, are there waiting for someone when they open their inbox.

It’s Getting More Difficult to Strategically Climb Google’s Ranking Algorithm

This is why businesses are investing in PPC ads to build their mailing list. This way, instead of just getting a potential one-time click in search, they are opening the door to future communications with their target customer base, one where they don’t have to worry about getting penalized.

Email is Content Marketing’s Best Friend

That’s why collecting email addresses from your visitors is so important. It gives you a way to keep in touch and follow up with your audience over time and ensures that all the time and money you’ve spent on creating content results in more than just one-time visits.

Email Drives Traffic and Sales

  • Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
  • Newsletters provide your audience with the latest information
  • on new products and updates to your business.
  • Drip campaigns are a collection of emails sent at strategic times with the intention of engaging and educating customers over time, until they purchase.
  • Special occasion emails for holidays, birthdays, and other personal events.

Email Allows You to Build A Relationship

While social media and search are great ways to get discovered by future customers, email is the best way to maintain and strengthen that relationship over time.


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