How to make money on YouTube ?

youtube moneyCreate your Youtube account and enable monetization

Visit your account settings and make sure you have monetization enable
Your videos will be in the review for a short time, and then ads will start streaming with them as people view them
Video creators can also approach sponsors directly
Choose the types of ads you want displayed on your Videos
You will get approximately half of the advertising proceeds from the advertisers YouTube fines for your videos

Set up for Google AdSense

You will need a Google AdSense account to get paid
Once your sin up for the account and have it reviewed, you will be able to receive payment for earning over $100
You can start streaming ads on your videos without An AdSense accounts, but Google will prompt you to create one when your video ads start producing dissent revenue

Keyword research

If you want to give your videos a boost to make sure people can find them, you can use the YouTube keywords suggestion tool to help you find phrases and ideas for your videosLook at the total number of ideas for the search this is your competition
If there are a lots, it could be hard to work your way to the top of the page for visibility and clicks
Consider how many clicks the videos I have and how old they are
Original material

Create original material consistently

For monetization, YouTube only allows values you on the fool copyright two. View words may record your values for personal use if you also want to allow users to edit, use parts, or distribute your vide you make sure to set the license type during a bit out, or in your channel default, under advanced settings to creative Commons under license and the rights ownership

Promoting your steps

Add a link to your YouTube account to your own website and all your other social media outlets such as Facebook Twitter Google plus and Pinterest
Use does platforms to share your videos with your audience there, in hopes they would watch and subscribe to your channel
Write a blog post and Ambed the video
Optimize your title, description, and tags to head down to get it to the right audience
Hello others to embed your videos come out so they can be distrabuted for you
Other revenue options and product sales
Product reviews and quick and easy ways to promote the products you sell or an affiliate with. These reviews are popular among people who want to learn more about a product, and most of them looking at reviews already interested in the product enough to want to buy it.
Cover of products features in depth
Show how a product or service works
Use the video to link back to your website, or display your affiliate link


Use YouTube videos to promote your business and expert ties
Your YouTube success may also lead to consulting gigs to help others learn how to leverage YouTube for their business
Sponsorship deals. Good content will build an audience. Brents who want exposure to your audience may sponsor your videos to help their products reach your audience. Do not automatically provide a sponsor with a positive review remain unbiased, or you risk losing audience trust

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