How to create content better than competitors ?


  • Make the url shorter, URLs ranking #1 have 50 characters on average.
  • Include graphics, animations, interactivity, and/or video. Interactive content converts 2x better than static content.
  • Create a better title
  • Make it simpler to read
  • The average flesch readability score of content ranking #1 was 76.5 (easily understood by 13 – to 15 – year – old students).
  • Make it better structured
  • Users want their answers, fast. Content ranking #1 had a bulleted list 78% of the time.
  • Make the font bigger
  • Make it more visual
  • The average article ranking #1 has 9 images.
  • Source of professional photos
  • High quality images get 121% more shares.
  • Include an image every 75-100 words, these articles get the most shares.
  • Use floating share buttons, floating share buttons increase social traffic by 27%.
  • Include a tall image and Make it more linkable/shareable
  • Pages ranking #1 have more links and shares than competing pages.
  • Make it longer
  • The average resource ranking #1 has 2,416 words.
  • Do better cold outreach
  • Send emails on Monday and Tuesday (Monday converts 80% better than Thursday)
  • Send emails from 9am-2pm PST to catch people at work
  • Don’t share the link in the first email to bloggers (this increased conversion by 63%)
  • Keep your emails around 80-90 words (short, but not too short)
  • Pitch at least 30 days in front of popular holidays (bloggers schedule 30+ days in advance)

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