How to create a super website ?

Awesome Website – Google Friendly – Ultra Fast – Error Free

website seo
website seo

1 Fix Html Errors

W3C can cause problems in page rendering and even stop functionning, google ask website owners to fix HTML error

check it  :


2 Mobile Friendly

25% of search is now from mobile. If you are not mobile friendly, website user experience will suffer and search engines may stop sendign mobile traffic to your website. A responsive or mobile website can greatly increase website visits


3 Plug Broken Links

Broken Links create a bad user experience and can lose your visitors, google strongly advise you to fix these it may also help your SEO


4 Fast loading Website

5 seconds is the time you have to impress and keep visitors on your website. Afast loading site can benefit your search ranking and website conversions


5 Backlink Counter

A backlink is when another website has a link back your own


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