How to choose your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising ?


Here are few important PPC trends that are going to dominate the paid marketing arena in the year ahead of us.

Micro moments matter

Search marketers need to figure out the coming together of big data its attributes. Engaging customers’ way before they are ready to convert is the new norm. The challenge is to take data from different channels and drive a holistic strategy based on the insights.

Deep Understanding of SERPs

Google has made substantial changes to their SERPs n the past years that has made it difficult to attract the attention of online searchers, which is why SEO and SEM managers will need to analyze SERPs on a deeper level and coordinate their efforts even more.

Personalization of ad-experience

Last few years have seen the rise of audience targeting and personalization. In 2017 as well, if a company fails to bank on the full potential of audience targeting, it will be left in the dust.

Integrated campaign on a rise

Given the influx of new marketing dollars and increased competition, only those businesses are on the survival track who are using a mix of platforms to advertise, online.

Did you know :

In 2017, Google and Facebook will continue being the king and queen of digital marketing by capturing $0.73 from every $1.00 spent on the digital paid campaigns?

Pro Facts:

An integrated campaign of Google and Facebook could reeve up to 70% higher volumes.

GOOGLE Shopping Ads

Shopping ads will get bigger and will hold more influence on the SERPs in the coming year/s


These will take up more space and increase in size in 2017 as Google continues to add more extensions.

E-commerce Re-Marketing

Ecommerce require to be seen more today, more than other day. In this year we are going to see more-marketing efforts that are smarter and are targeted at more places.

Rankings and specifications help in taking the right decisions with SERPs, especially when it comes to mobile.

Instagram ads marching forward

Google, Facebook ad Twitter has seen significant rise in ad platforms by making audience targeting available within their systems, but in the last 12 months we saw the rise of Instagram ads with same targeting as that of Facebook and pinterest .

Focus on suspended ad formats

In 2017, PPC expanded ad formats should become the focal point of modern marketer. Studies have shown an increase in CTR of up to 20% plus expanded ad formats are now device independent. One ad fits all!


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