How to choose colors in business web marketing and website ?

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Color web marketing and website untimately, the use of Colour in web marketing and web business can be fine tuned dependent on one’s need, Altrough colours may have different cultural associations, a smart product branding will take this into account and it allows the know psychological effects off colour to attract the customers, already, what’s the big name brands which you use everyday have been studied, tried and tested, order to create a particular response.

Red : Encourages appetite often used by fast food chains, creates a sense of urgency, it’s frequently used for clearance sale, associated with movement excitement and passion, is high in energy and in mediately pulls Focus and physically stimulates the human body come out nerve impulses raising blood pressure and heart rate

Blue : Preferred by men, associated with peace, water and reliability. Provides a sense of security and promotes trust in a brand. curbs appetite and simulates productivity, most common colour is it for offices and Conservatives corporate brands, calming mind providing a sense of Tranquility and space burial young people associate blue with maturity.

Green : Associated with health tranquility and nature, so associated with money and wealthy people are brands. Used in stores to relax customers, frequently used for promoting environmental issues, train simulator harmony in the brain and encourage balance between body and emotions, leading to decisiveness

Purple : Associated with a royalty wisdom and respect, stimulates the problem solving area of the brain as well as creativity variant frequency used for beauty and anti-aging products, represents a creative, wise and imaginative brand, services or products

Orange and yellow : Increases syphilis and optimism, yellow makes babies cry, while orange construction, used to draw in impulsive buyers and window shoppers. Stimulates music centre of the brain and promotes enthusiasm. If Used too frequently, can create a sense of anxiety.

Black : Associated with authority, power, stability and strengh. Often is a symbol of intelligence, frequently used to trim down appearance of sizes on items, can often overwhelme people if it’s used to frequently.

Grey : Symbolise feelings of practicality, timelessness and solidarity in life, too much grey often leads to feelings of nothingness. Though grey is nice to have, it’s can draw in emotions of old age.

White : Associated with feelings of purity, cleanliness and safety, white can be used to predict the absence of colour or neutrality. Using white can spark a sense of creativity since it acts as a clean slate

How to choosing colour for your website

Choosing stark, complementary colors, create an easy to read area.

Choosing a colour scheme where to eat then is the brightest element of the design reduces eyestrain by for focusing a users attention
Lack of contrast between item and background will instantly strain users eyes.

Best practice is usually to choose a very light colour for the background and dark colour for item or text itself or vice versa

Choosing brighter colours lead to users feeling more energetic and as a result can better evoke a response or reaction from a user and if your website or product is heavy in information and finds it’s necessary for the reader to process information, you may want to choose a more neutral or darker colour scheme to relax the user.

The colours used by a brand can influence SEO and buyers

3% look at the texture of the product
1% decide based on smell or sound
93% of buyers focus on the visual appearance

Colour can often be the sole reason for purchasing a product

84% of buyers claim colour is the primary draw card
52% of customers won’t return to a store if they dislike the aesthetic
80% of clients believe colour is responsible for brand recognition

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