First Google analytic steps for beginners

google analytics beginner

First Google analytic steps for beginners


Outline what you want to achieve.

Know what you want to track and improve regarding your online presence and Stitch specific goals for that metrics and periods to check in on those goals throughout the year.

Add the tracking code to your site.

The Google Analytics tracking code is what ulimately allows you to intricately monitor the various metrics associated with your website, adWords ads, and social media performance.

Link your AdWords account.

Speaking of AdWords, intgrating your account with your GA account allows you to see through whole picture in terms of who clicks your ADS and what actions they take on your website

Play around with Google Analytics features.

Your Analytics dashboard is filled with myriad reporting capabilities and metrics, so tour your account right after sitting up your profile to understand which features are most useful.

Segment your various audiences.

To create reports that show you how your marketing performs, you need to know who visits your website and engages with you, segment your traffic by demographics.

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