Email Marketing : Good and Bad strategy

email marketingGood strategy for the Email marketing

Communicate clearly and concisely
remember there is a person on the other end of your email
Mail consistently
Use short paragraphs
Include relevant details
Include alt text
Include links
Link your images
Use bullet points
Ensure your subject line relates to your email content make sure you are not being intentionally rude or offensive
Provide contact information
Spell check
Arch of email newsletters online
Include your company name in the from
Break up blocks of text with images
Include forward to friend link
Respond to replies

Bad strategy for the email marketing

Send your email before proofing
Address your recipients with the incorrect name or title
Write in all caps
Use an overabundance of symbols
Use more than one exclamation mark
Use hard to read fonts types or colors
Use a distracting or Patterned background
Use one large image as your entire email
Include broken or incorrect links
Send an email just sent send
Hide your unsubscribe link
Write a novel
Mail too frequently

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