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Accelerated Media Pages Facts You Should Know (AMP)

Google announced that AMP support will be rolled out across the entire organic search results page- defining a new age in mobile online experience. It is a common knowledge that websites take much longer to load on mobile devices compared to other platforms like desktops which makes mobile devices compared to other platforms like desktops

8 Best Trends Social Media in 2017

Social media has had an enormous impact in today’s digital marketing landscape. 83% of all marketers have already taken advantage of social media marketing to increase their sales and boost their brand identity. With these figures, it is safe to say that social media indeed is one the most indispensable tools in marketing products and

How to increase the DOMAIN AUTHORITY in 5 steps ?

You might have heard of ‘Domain Authority’ (abbreviated: DA). Every single SEO and a lot of webmasters use that term. As it’s a bit self-explanatory, you can already get a basic idea about it going by its name. Still, it basically means how much your site is likely to rank higher in search engines compared