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WHAT IS KEYWORD RESEARCH? Keyword Research is the process of researching and finding words and phrases people are searching for, that are related to your business, product or services. It’s a key step in planning any SEO campaign. WITHOUT WELL- CHOSEN KEYWORDS YOU WILL: Spend enormous amount of time and money to get good rankings

How to create content better than competitors ?

Make the url shorter, URLs ranking #1 have 50 characters on average. Include graphics, animations, interactivity, and/or video. Interactive content converts 2x better than static content. Create a better title Make it simpler to read The average flesch readability score of content ranking #1 was 76.5 (easily understood by 13 – to 15 – year

Accelerated Media Pages Facts You Should Know (AMP)

Google announced that AMP support will be rolled out across the entire organic search results page- defining a new age in mobile online experience. It is a common knowledge that websites take much longer to load on mobile devices compared to other platforms like desktops which makes mobile devices compared to other platforms like desktops