All tips about good email marketing to increase your authority and your SEO

email marketingEmail Marketing allows you to target your audience with content that is helpful, valuable and relevant to them, but every marketing email you sent must count each day, people are confronted with more than 5000 marketing messages, some check their email over 100 times, whether you are sending out a blog post or newsletter, is how to get the most out of it.

Subject line : Keep it short, and something that will grab your viewer, send keywords at the front end, ask a question, be provocative.

From : Company name and possibly a words tagline or descriptor

Reply email : Make it personal a real person’s contact name if possible.

Email lists : Your email list is invaluable, you should always be adding to your list with three offerings, social media request, new blog for Louis or from people you meet at networking events.

Preheader : This is valuable real estate, a quick company pitch that shows up first in the mobile version and below the subject line in your recipients inbox.

Header : Include a web designer Daria for your company logo, tagline or descriptor consider hiring a professional graphic designer to set up your email template.

Heatline : Make it count if it doesn’t grab their attention, they won’t read on, your headline should use one or two keywords, be engaging and informative of the content.

Subheads : Short phrases that’s communicate the salient point and help move the reader through the copy, they are usually bold and in a larger font.

Image : Visuals draw people in, include an intriguing, appealing photo, infographic or video, it will catch the readers eye and graphically tell the story.

Copy : Keep sentences and paragraphs short, use headers, subheads, bulleted or numbered list, bold type in italics to move the reader through your piece, structure, grammar spelling are important.

Signature : Always include a line with the name of your company, website URL, contact information and a call to Action so your reader knows what to do next.

Make the content about your audience, I think helpful, yeah but content that is relevant to your subscribers means they will get engaged stay engaged and welcome you periodic email news, keep content on point, well written and short, you are there to help them and in turn, be recognized as an expert in your field.

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