A to Z SEO Alphabet for beginners – 1

A to Z SEO Alphabet for beginnersseo alphabet

A: Anchor Text – A clickable text in a hyperlink. Should be keyword rich

B: Back Link – An incoming link to a website from another website, it’s always better to have less high quality links more than low quality ones

C: Content – Every piece of information on a website- text, Images. Videos, animations etc, having quality content is the most important part of SEO

D: Deep Linking – Building links to inner pages of a website (site.com/pages) and only home page (site.com) which makes a link building campaign look very natural

E: External Links – Links that lead to a website on a different domain especially good it’s high authority website and blogs

F: Fresh Content – New, interesting and relevant pieces of information (text, images, videos), it’s important to website content at least once a month

G: Google Search – Most used search engine on the internet over 3 billion searches every day, so it’s important to have your website optimized for google search

H: Headings  – Used to briefly describe and introduce the subject of next section, should include keywords and keyword phrases

I: Internal Links – Links from one page on a site to another page on the same site, help with spreading link juice and navigation on the site.

J: JavaScript – A scripting language that adds various dynamic features when embedded in HTML. Not everyone can see that content so be careful

K: Keyword  – A word or a phrase that user writes in search engine, should be mentioned on the website, but not too often, it’s recommended to use different forms of the main keyword

L: Link Building – Process of creating incoming links to your website to increase its authority and search ranking should be as natural as possible with links from high authority websites

M: Meta Description  – A short description of the content on the page, should be relevant and unique to the page and keyword rich

N: Niche – A subject of the website topic the content is focused on, important for finding keywords

O: Organic Search Results – Unpaid search results, organized by relevancy most clicks on search results on the organic search results

P: Penalty – A punishment for a website that search algorithms define as spam, prevents the site from ranking highly, could happen after too aggressive link building campaign or really bad on page SEO

Q: Quality Over Quantity – Whether it’s about links or content quality is always more important than quantity

R: Redirect  – Several methods used to change the address of a landing page, usually when a site is moved to a new domain, could be used to avoid penalization when building links aggressively

S: Social Media – Websites used by people to share content with others. Very important part of SEO

T: Trust Rank  – A search relevancy algorithm that gives more weight to links coming from relevant and trusted website, it’s increased by having more links from high more authority sites

V: Visit – Number of users that opened a website. Increased with quality content good SEO and more social shares

W: WordPress  – Easy to use open source blogging platform with thousands of customizable themes and plugins, great for SEO

X: XML – Extensible Markup Language, A simple very flexible text format used to make it easy to format information using technologies such as RSS

Z: Zopim Chat – Contact us on Zopim Chat widget for any SEO related questions!

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